Legal translation services
We have established a specialized department with distinct Competence and practical experience in the legal translation includes professional translators in legal translation from and to English, French and Italian.
This department works under the supervision of skillful lawyers in legal translation, the translation via eastlaws network is not only a legal professional translation but also accredited by several governmental and non-governmental institutions
  Translated works:
  • Rulings of European Court of Human Rights
  • Rulings of American Court of Human Rights
  • Penal, civil, commercial and procedural codes
  • International arbitration codes
  • Awards of International Arbitration Chamber
  • Rulings of the International Criminal Court
  • Interpol decisions
  • Constitutions of Arab and foreign countries
  Several works:
The administration of translation is characterized by, a precise legal translation for contracts and agreements and judgments.
اختر التقرير قارن تقرير إخفاء إلغاء