Terms of Use

Acceptance of terms

The administration of eastlaws provides its services to the clients provided the compliance to the terms of this agreement which may be updated from time to time without notification

Providing the service

Eastlaws allows the users to view a huge amount of legal information, which includes the service of searching in this information and using the helping legal programs available through the site, which can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world.

Therefore, you must understand and approve that the Service may include the displaying of some specialized newspapers or ads or e-mails and this is considered as a part of the service and it is not allowed to choose not to receive it. You must understand and agree that the service has been provided as it is and Eastlaws is not liable for the cancellation, non-delivery or failure to store any of these sources.

Your use of the services of Eastlaws makes you responsible for accessing to this service and what it may include from fees for others like a subscription on the Internet service, you are responsible for these fees in addition to your responsibility for providing the necessary devices to access to the service.

Subscription obligations

It must be taken into account that in the use of the service you must agree to:
Present the correct, precise, current and full information during the fill of the registration form (Registration Data) must be updated in order to maintain the authenticity and accuracy and modernity of the information and to be complete. If the registration information is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete, Eastlaws have the right to disable or terminate your subscription.

Privacy Statement

Your Registration data and other information are subject to the Privacy Policy, For more information about the privacy policy you can view it through the following link [Privacy Statement]

Security of your passwords and account

The user during the registration process he enters a username and password of his choice so he will be fully responsible for maintaining the user name and password. And any activities performed by using your user name and password you will considered responsible for it and you shall agree to:
If your password or account used illegally, you must inform the Eastlaws administration immediately after you Logout at the end of your use of the site. Eastlaws is not responsible for any deleted files may belong to you or any amendment to your data when a third party uses your own account.

Contributions and Posts

Eastlaws does not claim ownership of any files you download or posts on the site or make it available to others in the public sections. But if you download these files on the site, you have granted Eastlaws a free ownership. (Public sections of the site are the sections available to all without subscription in the site, such as researches and forums).

You can submit ideas, suggestions, or documents for Eastlaws through the pages of suggestions or the page of contact us on the site of Eastlaws and by submitting any of these contributions you must agree to:
That your contribution does not contain confidential or private information. Eastlaws reserves its right (but without any obligation) to examine any or all of the content and review, abbreviate, revise, amend, reject, and remove it from any of the services. May be there are actually similar contributions taken into account or being developed by Eastlaws. Your contribution becomes a property to East laws without any obligation to you. You are not entitled to request any compensation of any kind from Eastlaws under any circumstances.

Your use of the services

You understand and approves to not reproduce the Services or duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell it for any purpose.

Modify the service

Eastlaws have the right at any time or from time to time to modify or stop the service or any part of it, temporarily or permanently without any notice.
Agree that Eastlaws is not liable to you for any modification. Interruption or disruption of the service.

Termination of the use of the service

You understand and approve that Eastlaws under certain circumstances and without prior notice may terminate your subscription immediately.

The reason for this termination will include, but not limited to:

  • violated any term of this Terms (or acted in a way that clearly shows that you don’t intend to or unable to comply with provisions of the Terms) it is required by Eastlaws
    (For example, if it was or became illegal to provide the service to you) under the laws or other governmental institutions.
  • Upon your request to terminate the service.
  • Interruption or modification of the Service or any part of it.
  • Participating in fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • Non-payment of fees which shall be paid for receiving the service.
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