The Electronic book

The continuous Evolution of the idea of legal informatics and the filling of the offices of the judges, lawyers, law professors, law students, University libraries and public libraries with hundreds of references and printed sources and time-consuming and difficulty to search in it, difficulty to link it to what it contains in its margins from legislative and practical sources was one of our most important motives to produce the legal electronic book system.

The characteristics of the system
  • The electronic book database makes your legal library with you everywhere
  • Easy access to the book and search for information
  • Easy to modify the content of the pages of the book electronically and edit it
  • The database provides more than one way to enter the huge references easily:
    • The first way: you can write the pages on the site
    • The second way: Upload the book to the site as image files (JPG)
    • The third way: Upload the book to the site in the form of a PDF file.
      In addition, you can add a summary to each page to use it in the search process.
      The site provides a file to explain how to use all the available methods.
  • Book index

    Eastlaws characterized by creating a special index for the book through Major subjects and sub-subjects and link it to the book pages, which enables you to search by a keyword in this index to take you to the subject page directly.

  • The ability to share your books with your friends

    The ability to add comments and summaries on the book’s pages
    Eastlaws also characterized by providing the agenda of comments and summaries which allows access to the archive of each book with its marginal summaries and comments and important pages

  • The database provides many links of judicial and legislative provisions of all Arab countries
  • The database contains many criminal and civil references which interests all researchers
Books available for reading

The books which the book site is authorized to publish and made available to the subscribers of the site are:
The literatures of Dr: Hilali abdellah

  • The Authentic of the computer outcomes in the criminal matters, comparative study
  • The Guarantees of the accused in the face of arrest between Islamic law and the positive law
  • The General theory of criminal proving
  • Budapest convention to fight information crimes
  • The rights of defence in the pre-trial stage between the ideal pattern and the realistic pattern

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