Arab legislations database

This database contains all Arab legislations published in the official Gazette of each country; including (Laws, decisions, codes, constitutions and decrees …).

All the Official Gazette of the following countries:

Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (federal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah), Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco.

The database had a legal importance by the testimony of legal experts in the Arab world, because it shows all the amendments made to the legislation, and it shows the position of the legislation from the constitution, and its relation with the judicial rulings issued in implementation thereof.

The database also reviews the Image of the legislation as contained in the Official Gazette, as a confirmation of the credibility, also contains the final form of the legislation text according to the latest amendments, and the legislative development also, in addition to the subjects of the articles.

Also, reviews the indexing systems (specialized indexes - the civil lawsuit systems - systems of criminal proceedings – administrative lawsuit systems).

The database establishes direct relations with:
  • Judicial decisions issued by the Arab supreme courts by reviewing the precedents issued by applying each of the articles of the legislation.
  • Executive regulations.
  • Enquire about the constitutionality of legislation articles.
  • Legislation in the Legislative Council.
  • International conventions and treaties related to legislation in anticipation of a conflict between them.
  • The comparative articles.
  • Legislation of other Arab countries, where two or more legislation articles had been displayed in one screen to compare between them and identify the compatibility and difference Points, to contribute in preparing researches and scientific and legal Dissertation.
Research Methods in Arab legislations:
  • Search by the type of legislation (law, decree, constitution, regulation, decision).
  • Search by the legislation number and legislation year.
  • Search by Article number.
  • Search in legislation articles.
  • Search by the publish date of the legislation.
  • Search in the title of the legislation.
  • Search in the index of legislation articles.
  • Search in the index of articles legislation.
  • Search by signature of legislation (the name of the person signed it).

Also can be searched collectively or individually and search in the legislation of one country or more or all countries at one time.

CountryLegislative typesLegislationPages of picturesTotal articles
___ All ___2940108000226310914601115
Abu Dhabi4631551409018890
Emirate of Fujairah83678422577
Ras Al Khaimah113218733011
Yemen 1858921889746821
Jordan 16941118145024218708
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 937325696559243997
Kingdom of Morocco 367161742350230492048
Sudan 8812538821610
Arab Republic of Egypt 3413047678162391444644
Dubai Government3239581226818739
United Arab Emirates9442648113767132546
Kuwait 1332891563013134883
Palestine 6396794022196191
Qatar 8251644230976510
Libya 2341851571534142468
Oman 7774542761260149
Bahrain 102153555213876768
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