Arab and international contracts system

Despite the importance of contracts in civil and commercial and international transactions, but many people have no culture of correct contractual and legal information that protect their rights and maintain it at the conclusion of contracts,

For that, the management of eastlaws produced contracts governance database of that include modern and sophisticated techniques for the Liberation of the terms of the contract with precise legal manner.

First: All public and private provisions and the legal rules governing all types of contracts:
  • Civil sale contract
  • Commercial sales contract
  • Installment sales contract
  • Sales contract by the liquidation , or public auction
  • Documentary credit contract
  • Rent contract
  • Company contract
  • Employment contract
  • Maritime labor contract
  • Rent ship contract
  • Ship sale contract
  • Brokerage contract
  • Barter contract
  • Supply contract
  • Arbitration contract
  • Settlement contract
  • Owners Association contract for one building layers
  • Donation contract
  • Agency contract
  • Gambling and betting contract (Aleatory contracts)
  • Salary for life Contract
  • Permanent income contract
  • Loan contract
  • Bare contract
  • Guard contract
  • Ground rent contract
  • Depository contract
  • Air transport contract
  • Entrepreneurship contract
  • Publishing contract
  • The contract of carriage
  • Obligation public utilities contract
  • Commercial mortgage contract
  • General warehousing contract
  • Sponsorship contract
  • Insurance contract
  • Commercial advertising contract
  • Theater contract
  • Marine insurance contract
  • Rent of agricultural land contract
  • Farming contract
  • Rent wakf contract
  • Commercial agency contract
  • Contract of Agency contracts
  • Usufruct report contract
  • A right of easement
  • The right of easement contract
  • The right to use the right residential contract
  • Family ownership contract
  • Contract division
  • Official Mortgage contract
  • Possessory mortgage contract
Second: more than one hundred and fifty model contract:

Which gives the user access to different versions of the contracts and allow him the to choose freely the terms of the contract in the correct legal framework

Characteristics of the System:
  • View more than one legal formula to the terms of the contract and choose the most appropriate and accurate for the contract.
  • The possibility of legal auditing to the terms of the contract so that all items contained in the model contracts have been linked to the organization and legal rules governing them, which gives the opportunity to view the rule of the law and the freedom of drafting of the terms of the contract in a legal form protecting the legal rights.
  • Eastlaws exclusively offer detailed and specialized legal rules and international conventions governing international contracts such as:
    • Construction, operate and transfer contracts (BOT).
    • Technology transfer contracts.
    • International Shipping Contracts.
    • Commercial contracts - contracts for the documentary credit (official documented source).
  • Also the contracts governance database was characterized with a feature (common questions), which reviews the most important and the most common questions in the field of contracts and provide the correct legal answer, such as:
    • The nature of the contract and its elements?
    • What is the types of termination of the contract?
    • When the contract is null and void?
    • What is the explicit expression of the will?
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