Administration of Fatwa and Legislation system

This system contains:

The Fatwas of General assembly of the sections of the Fatwa and Legislation of the Egyptian State Council- all the issued fatwas are complete since 1947.

This system has a direct link with the legislations applied in fatwas.

Research Methods in the administration of Fatwa and Legislation database:
  • Search by the number and year of the fatwa.
  • Search by the fatwa’s file number.
  • Search by the date of the hearing and the date of the fatwa.
  • Search in the master index and the secondary index of the fatwa’s subjects.
  • Search by a word in the text of the fatwa (application, classification).
  • Search by the article applied in fatwa.

The Highness of the administrative Judiciary in Egypt led the administration of eastlaws to insert those fatwas with the judgments of the administrative Judiciary, and aims to declare this value to the legislator in the Arab country.

CountryFatwasParagraphsPhotocopiesRelated Legislations
Fatwas issued by the departments of the Fatwa and Legislation7376188521960737179
اختر التقرير قارن تقرير إخفاء إلغاء