Crimes' analysis

When working on a criminal case, you deal with many details as factors and elements of the crime and the original sanction, and ancillary sanction, and the testimony of witnesses.

These details collide with the rigidity of Legislative text, and sometimes the difficulty of interpretation and draw the legal rules governing all the details of the crime.

In order to address this problem, we provide the database of crime’s analysis and criminal solutions for more than 3600 crime in an easy way to use; by one click, it displays the link of the crime, which includes analysed profound and precise details, which guide you to a guaranteed result.

First: The restrictions, descriptions, and instructions of prosecution
  • Incriminating Articles
  • Descriptions
Second: The elements of the crime
  • Type of crime
  • Original sanction
  • Ancillary and supplementary sanction
  • Sanction in the case of aggravating factor
  • Sanction in the case of mitigating factor
  • Sanction in the case of initiation
  • Mitigating factor
  • Aggravating factor
  • Crime division
  • Exemption from sanction
  • Precautionary measures
  • Permissible reasons
Third: The Factors of crime
  • Physical element - the criminal act
  • Mental element - Criminal Intent
  • The mental element - the unintentional fault
  • The result
  • Causation
  • Subject of the crime
  • Infringement on the right
  • character of the victim
  • character of the offender
  • Presumed condition
Fourth: General rules
  • Application of law in terms of the place
  • Application of law in terms of time
  • Ancillary and supplementary sanction
  • The effect of sentencing by the sanction
  • Commission of the act in good faith pursuant to the prescribed right under Sharia
  • Relationship of the Penal Code with laws and regulations
  • Multiplicity of sanctions
  • Actor and partner
  • The legal nature of the crime
  • Execution of the sentence
  • Impediments to responsibility
  • Mitigation of sanction
  • Recidivism
Fifth: Criminal Procedure
  • Criminal Suit
  • The expiration of the criminal case
  • Collecting evidence
  • Investigation by the investigating judge
  • The order to imprison the accused by the investigating judge
  • Investigation by the public prosecution
  • Jurisdiction
  • Trial on infractions and misdemeanors
  • Criminal trials
  • Methods of appeal
  • The power of final judgments
  • Implementation
  • Rehabilitation
Sixth: Legal deadlines and periods of each crime
  • Deadlines and periods in the Penal Code and other laws
  • Deadlines and periods in the Code of Criminal Procedures
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