Examining and evaluating the cases and providing solutions system

Database specialized in examining the cases and providing legal solutions which interests the legal practitioner in all the civil suits:

Eastlaws provides a new thought in the ways of reaching the information without the difficulty of searching, we have analyzed the rulings of the Arab supreme courts and extract all the judicial precedents related to each case and localize it and localize all the requests made to the court and also the legal basis for this request supported with legislative and Applied articles

The legal solutions offered by the database are:
Legal rules governing
View all the legal rules of the case from legislative articles and trends of rulings of the supreme courts about it
Civil suit procedures
Explain all the litigation procedures before the courts beginning from the competence then filing and recording the suit, the presence and absence of the litigants, interference of the general prosecution, the procedures and rules of the hearings, defenses, joinder, casual requests and intervention, stay, interruption, lapse, expiration and waiver of the litigation, the incompetence, disqualification and recusal of the judges and the judgments, ways to challenge the judgments
Related lawsuits
It provides access to all other requests which can be submitted to the court in this law suit taken from the judicial precedents of the courts
Pleas related to the lawsuit
It provides substantive and formal pleas and non-acceptance plea which had been submitted by the litigants in all the judicial precedents related to the lawsuit and the answer of the court about it
Grounds to challenge
We localized all the grounds to challenge which have been submitted to the court of cassation, in this case and the answer of the court either by rejection or acceptance, they are:
  • Error in applying or interpreting the law
  • Breaking the law
  • Deficiencies in the causation
  • Corruption in the inference
  • Invalidity of the judgment
  • Prejudice the right of defense
  • Violating what proved in papers
  • Error in the attribution
Subjects of the dispute
This database put in the hand of the practitioner keys to solve any problem he may face in the lawsuit, which educed from all the judgments related to this type of lawsuit
Disputes in the lawsuit
The disputes which can arise during the course of the lawsuit and about its subject such as proof, judge recusal, public order, capacity
Legal deadlines and periods
All the deadlines and periods of the lawsuit stipulated in the civil law and procedural law related to the announcement and distance and filing, registering the lawsuit and attending of the hearings and the course of the lawsuit and obsolescence and the right to seize and the issuance of the judgments and challenging it
Criminal lawsuit related to it
The civil suit may be related to another criminal suit, in this case the database provides the solutions such as, the expiration of the criminal suit because of the defendant’s death and its effect on the civil suit
The opinion of the Islamic Jurisprudence on the subject of the case
Some issues may arise which requires from the legal practitioner to take the opinion of sharia, so the database also provides the opinions of the Islamic jurists such as: Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Shafi’i and Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal to be guided with their knowledge to achieve justice
Practical application to the lawsuit
The database offers solutions in the fields which the lawsuit raised in, such as the activities of companies (banks, insurance, securities, petroleum)
Methodology of the lawsuit
Explain the curriculums of the faculties of law which discussed the details of this lawsuit from a scientific point through the rulings of the supreme courts
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