The Court Rulings database

Eastlaws produced this database after analyzing the judgments of more than 18 Arab countries in a period of 80 years.

The system establishes a direct relation with:
  • The provisions of the legislation articles applied in the ruling.
  • Conflicting rulings and the rulings of the Commission.
  • The comparative rulings.
Several and varied Methods to search in the rulings:
  • Search by ruling number.
  • Search by judicial ruling year.
  • Search by technical office year.
  • Search by the date of the hearing.
  • Search by the page number in the issuance of the technical office.
  • Search in the legal principle of the judgment.
  • Search in the facts.
  • Search in the merits of the ruling.
  • Search in the verdict of the ruling.
  • Search by the name of one of the counselors of the panel that issued the ruling.
  • Search by the status of the ruling (Court acceptance or refusal of the ruling).

It also includes objective indexing for easy access to information, as well as civil suits index, criminal proceedings index, administrative proceedings index.

Researcher can browse the image of the ruling as set out from the official source or written.

Not only that, but also there is a query about the constitutionality of the law applicable.

The rulings issued from the Arab supreme courts are precedents of the Arab law sheiks Indexed and classified in one way, to maintain the nation’s legal heritage, to enrich the new generations with their developed past.
CountryCourtsRulingsParagraphsPages of picturesRelated legislation
___ All ___102161483548346455230332068
Emirate of Abu Dhabi 21495481285315014
Ras Al Khaimah2366161400
Provisions of international courts of human rights27216800
Hashemite kingdom of Jordan3175793465700
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia46192138098
Kingdom of Morocco 82679211675940
Sudan 52387941300
Republic of Iraq 21286256300
Arab Republic of Egypt 2488347318502279952214520
Dubai Government 25632230483542416186
United Arab Emirates 49329486134132550259
Kuwait 518086545383000411298
Palestine 21443061360
Qatar 31425731425628699
Libya 65280188172635816611
Oman 9420200523190
Bahrain 2287913166123672991
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