The Advocacy and legal consultation
This section works in the following fields:
The field of commercial law and corporate law and investment law and criminal law
It includes the acts of negotiation and establishment, corporate governance and the appointment of its administrative structure
The fields of maritime law
It includes all disputes in maritime issues, including loading and unloading.
Representation of the professional institutions counterparts in Egypt
We welcome the fruitful cooperation and partnership in this regard. The institution is financially, professionally and literally ready to conclude bilateral relations with the foreign international offices, based on the professional representation and partnership through its offices in Egypt (Alexandria and Cairo)
Assistant legal work (Paralegal)
Provided by professionals, to support the work of the previous activities of establishment and registrate the companies, and acts of intellectual property and real estate, legal translation, and provide information and credit information services.
A special department for the registration of trademarks, patents and industrial designs
It includes the registration of trademarks both locally and internationally and appeal on objection orders on the registration and the registration of the patents and industrial designs and the breeds of Plants and Layout Designs of full departments.
The legal consultation and studies Department works in the following fields:
Judicial disputes management
Support the decision making
Legal studies and feasibility studies
Help companies and public and private bodies in the acts of corporate governance and privatization
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