Electronic management of legal works
Prosecutor’s mechanization
The beginning was in the new Cairo and Nasr city prosecution in Arab republic of Egypt, and may be the numbers of automation systems are many and at major companies but eastlaws characterized by The largest legal database in the Middle East thus we have the rules governing each step of automation.
For example, when the responsible of judicial fee assessment it mathematically, appears in front of him the Legal rules governing the assessment of fees, so the assessment is compatible with the law and so on in any stage of mechanization.
Program operates to automate all kinds of suits:
  • Management of The civil suit before the court of first instance and the court of appeal and the court of cassation
  • Management of the criminal suit, from the partial prosecution to the court of cassation
  • Management of the administrative suit before the administrative court and the supreme administrative court
Management of law firms and legal departments
Due to our understanding of the nature of the legal profession, so its dilemmas revolve around two problems:
The first: Issues and its follow-up and evaluation
Issues do not always go in a straight line, but started and then stopped and then start all over again, exposed to a many curves and it need perseverance, search, and examination
The second: timetables and business automation
The second element is the time, the world around you is moving fast and that’s what motivated us to issue the mechanization program
What is the scope of this program; this is what we will clarify in the following
  • By one click you can collect all the case details on your electronic device from documents , pleadings, minutes,(the history of the case) To save time and papers, allow the team of lawyers working on the case, to access to the documents and write comments and deliberate with each other on the case
  • Providing the legal solution for each detail in the case like confronting a substantive plea from the litigant which he shall respond to it and prepare a defense for it and write reports and support it with printed documents of the legal researches which the defense is based
  • Provide consolidated reports on each case give the vision of teamwork
  • Useful services to all law firms whatever their size
Management of legal and public libraries
The administration of eastlaws always aims to participate in the development and modernization, so the database was invented through a view compatible with the Preparation of the infrastructure of the Library management through:
  • Automating work processes in the libraries
  • Indexing the libraries through many indexing methods by subject or number or author or the related information or the country..
  • Easy access to the information and its review
  • Extraction of exact statistical data
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