Eastlaws institution for the development of the Arab legal practitioner

Project objectives:

Addressing the insufficiency in the legal education based on the idea of indoctrination, leading the practitioner to lose the skill of Legal Description and analysis and lack of practical application for the theoretical study and omission of the Legal Description and analysis

The findings of the institution to address this matter, is to establish a system to analysis judicial rulings issued from Arab courts and linking these rulings with the scheduled curriculum
This simple idea has achieved unparalleled success through a selected group from the A-grade Students of the universities of Cairo, Ain Shams, Beni Suief ....

Ongoing to the development in order to consolidate the values of "justice" and "law."

The institution provides several tools for the practitioner during his analysis of the judgment:

  • Legal trainers from the geniuses of Egyptian faculties of law, have been prepared accurately by analyzing one hundred diverse judgments, and conduct legal researches on every judgment they have analyzed
  • Providing a correct legal information for the practitioner through a free subscription to the “eastlaws” site which is one of the most important legal sites in the Arab world
  • Training the "practitioner" daily on how to find legal solutions to the cases ... Search mechanisms
  • Training the practitioner to blend between the theoretical and practical study in a smooth and easy way, the practitioner acquire many skills, including:
    1- The Skill of analyzing the case
    2- The skill of the legal description
    3- Legal research skills and finding solutions
    4- Skills of self-confidence, advocacy and the perfect presentation of the case
    5- Prepare the legal practitioner to work in all the legal fields

The legal practitioner also acquires necessary skills for example: the ability of critical thinking, self-regulation, time Management and many other skills..

How the practitioner acquires its?

Through the systems of analysis - Which put him within the framework of the judgment by interacting with the facts, compliance to the procedural deadlines and in the details of the legal reports…
Thus he accustomed to work in this framework and refuse to deal with law, except through it.

We have in the institution:

  • Specialized workshops in all the subjects of the law faculties in the Arab world, starting from the first year until the Master
  • Lawyers Workshops in various specialties – example in criminal, civil, administrative, contracts, arbitration, crime analysis, locally and regionally, companies proceedings
    a) Banking business (analysis systems related to governance programs (Contracts, arbitration, corporate))
    b) Petroleum companies … and all companies operating in the 73 Activity
  • Specialized workshops for the Legal management through several systems
  • The ability of the administration of the institution to create specialized courses for who wishes

So eastlaws institution aims to establish a new system of legal education based on blending of the practical and theoretical study, in an electronic system provided with modern legal research tools, in a simple way, based on linking the curriculum of the faculties to the judicial rulings issued by the Supreme Courts


The interpretative law (one of titles of the introduction to law subject)

We prepare a judgment issued by the court of Cassation mentioned in its causes a reference to the interpretative law
The student analysis the judgment as indicated – and when he is finished – he prepare a research about the interpretative law… the experiment proved the following:

Question:Talk about the interpretative law?
Student who did not analyzed A student who analyzed
Answer to the question he answered that he will memorize the subject of the question of the introduction book and writes what stated in the book He absorbed a case which addressed the interpretative law and extracted through its various stages:
  • Judicial precedents addressed this issue
  • Produce a legal research based on :
    Types of interpretative Law - meaning – concept
    Criticized the law for being contrasted with the immediate effect of the law
What has acquired
  • Nothing
  • Loss of time in studying and forgetfulness
  • Acquired the skill of legal research
  • Acquire the skill of tracking the case
  • Acquire the skill of elicitation and long-term vision
  • Several skills
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