Eastlaws provides after-sales service upon our commitment to our customers, and always strive for providing the technical support, and training on using the site, and how to search, and extract information, and answer all their questions accurately and as quickly as they expect, so as to enable them to make the most effectively and permanently use of the service.
  • Address: 33 Safeya Zaghloul ST, El-Raml Station
  • Telephone: 4873808 (203+)
  • Fax: 4840595 (203+)
  • Address: 26 A sheriff street, Down Town, Immobilia building
  • Telephone: 23930414 (+202)
  • Fax: 23927283 (+202)
  • PO Box: 26 Mohamed Farid - Cairo
  • Sales Dept.: sales@eastlaws.com
  • Customer Service:info@eastlaws.com
  • Chairman:yasser@eastlaws.com
You can send your comments or any questions about the site
Knowing that the first subject of our attention..
Is analysing of all inquiries and observations on the performance of the site to take advantage of them in developing of the service provided to the customer
In the case of a legal advice request, it will be paid
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Technical Support Methods
  • Technical support in the company's headquarters
  • By the presence of the client to one of the company's offices in Cairo and Alexandria and then the technical support official will performs the required service and provide solutions throughout the working hours
  • Telephone technical support
  • A team specialized in technical support and customer service receives the customer calls, find solutions to the questions and follow-up with them until the problems are resolved
    The service is available from 10am to 5pm GMT+2 except on Fridays
Our technical support team is characterized by providing the service in Arabic, English, French, and Italian
Live help online
For providing the technical support service quickly and effectively, the technical support department presents the online talk service to facilitate communication with customers and answer any questions they have and offer solutions directly
All you have to do is clicking on the option of online talk from the home page or any other page of the site and the customer service will connect with you.
  • service is available from 10am to 5pm GMT+2 except on Fridays
  • Maybe you will need to wait a few minutes if there is a number of clients talking with the officials of the service until your turn come to talk and communicate with them
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