About us

IGLC was founded in 1995 in Alexandria, Egypt, by its founder Counselor/ Yasser Nassar, who has formerly worked as a public district attorney and judge, assisted by an integrated team of consultants, lawyers, engineers and data entry operators to create:

Eastlaws institution for development of the Arab legal practitioner specializing in:
  • The linkage between academic study and practical application
  • Create a legal cadre with a legal thought
  • Early preparation for students to take legal positions
  • Mental mechanization for law students through systems of ruling’s and legislation’s analysis
Eastlaws network specialized in the following fields:
  • Production of Arab legal programs running on PC and Internet networks
  • Automation of prosecutions, courts, law firms, legal departments and libraries
Eastlaws network has achieved widespread in the field of legal information technology at the Arab and Local level inside the Legal field with all its institutions and levels
In the judiciary institution, Eastlaws contracted locally with the Judges club, the state council judges club, state litigation authority club, and on the Arab level Eastlaws contracted with the courts administration and with the center of judicial and legal studies and the ministry of justice in Qatar, also contracted with the courts administration of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates.
In the Legislative bodies institution, Eastlaws has achieved popularity at the Local and Arab level through contracting with the Egyptian Parliament and with the National federal council in the United Arab Emirates and with the House of Representatives and shura council of the kingdom of Bahrain, and the shura council of Qatar, and the Legislation administration in the Secretariat of the Presidency of the council of ministers in Qatar.
At the level of higher legal education, Eastlaws network contracted Locally and Regionally and Internationally with the Faculties of laws at Universities of Ain Shams, Alexandria, Helwan, Mansoura, Assiut, Al-Azhar and the Arab Academy for science and technology, University of Bahrain, The Royal academy of police sciences in Bahrain, Sharjah university and the police academy in Dubai, Birzeit university in Palestine, University of Qatar and at the international level, Eastlaws contracted with the institute of criminal sciences in syracuse, Italy and The Swiss institute of Comparative law in Lausanne, Switzerland, The Library of American university in Egypt.
At the level of Banks and financial markets, Eastlaws network contracted locally and regionally with Misr International Bank, Misr Exterior bank, Alexandria commercial and maritime bank, City bank, Egyptian real estate bank, Bank for development& Agricultural credit, Cairo and Alexandria Exchanges, Qatar authority for the Financial markets, Doha securities Market and DLALA company for financial intermediation.
At the level of Petroleum sectors, Eastlaws contracted Locally and regionally with Axum Mobil company, Agiba Petroleum company, Public authority of petroleum, Belayim petroleum company, Alexandria company for petroleum, Saudi Arabia Supreme council for petroleum, Qatar company for Petroleum, Qatar company for Gas, Qatar Petrochemical company.
At the level of ministries, Eastlaws contracted locally with the minister of interior, minister of foreign affairs and finance, minister of maritime transport and trade and the ministry of industry.
On the Arab level, Eastlaws contracted in the state of Qatar with Amiri Diwan, the council of ministers, Ministry of justice, Ministry of civil services affairs and Housing, ministry of internal, Ministry of municipal affairs and agriculture, ministry of Awqaf and Islamic affairs, Ministry of energy and industry, Qatar public institution of electricity and water, Urban Planning & Development authority , Authority of public works, Public Authority for retirement and pensions.
In Bahrain kingdom, Eastlaws contracted with the royal diwan, The department of legal affairs headed by the council of ministers, Ministry of interior. In United Arab Emirates, Esatlaws contracted with The Amiri Diwan, the ministry of culture, the ministry of youth and community development, Ministry of finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of presidential affairs.
At the level of Legal departments, Eastlaws network contracted locally with many legal departments such as the central auditing agency (CCA), The Suez canal authority, Energy planning authority, The International trade centre, The public authority of Bibliotheca Alexandria, Mansour company, Arab contractors company…. At the Arab level, Eastlaws contracted in the state of Qatar with the Gulf organization for industrial consultancy, the national commission for Human rights, The Supreme council of culture, Arts, Heritage, the public authority for supporting the minors affairs, Barwa real estate company, the first investor company and in the United Arab Emirates, Eastlaws contracted with the Dubai Arbitration center, Dubai municipality.
At the level of international organizations, Eastlaws network contracted with the world health organization (WHO) Regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean, USAID (Amideast) the project of supporting and developing the performance of justice, Criminal justice management project (USAID).
At the level of public prosecutions, Eastlaws network contracted with the Egyptian Public prosecution, to mechanize three thousand member of the public prosecution by the electronic versions of the public prosecution.
At the level of Lawyers, Eastlaws contracted with the bar association of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Assiut.
This popularity leads Eastlaws network to be unique and special from other competitors, as the increasing number of clients and their diversity, and because the employees of Eastlaws always communicates with the clients by thoughtful practical steps to seek the opinions of the clients about the development and modernization, to accelerate the implementation, which leads to success and excellence.
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